The Cup Karts North division schedule is complete!

Thank you for your patience while we hammered out the 2021 schedule. With all the obstacles from 2020 and potential bumps in the road for 2021, we wanted to take our time and make sure we put together the most entertaining schedule for our racers with the best probabilities of running as planned for the coming season.


Whiteland Raceway Park

May 21st – 23rd (Whiteland Indiana)

Another track we unfortunately had to miss in 2020, Whiteland Raceway Park’s resurgence in karting makes it a no brainer for us again in 2021. Sarah and Andy have done so much to bring this historic track back to the forefront of karting in the Midwest, we look forward to stuffing the pits with the CKNA family!

This tight technical track featuring a high banked turn is all about 4-cycle racing. The entire facility has been revamped in the last 18 months, and more is planned in the spring before we arrive!

USAir Motorsports Park

July 16th – 18th (Shawano Wisconsin)

That’s right boys and girls… 2021 marks our triumphant return to karting’s best kept secret, USAir Motorsports Park in Shawano, WI!

No karting event has been held at USAir since our last visit in 2017, and that’s a shame. It is by far the most entertaining track we have ever raced on! Featuring multiple elevation changes, technical sections and high speed straightaways; Shawano is the most complete track we have ever seen. The number of passing opportunities each lap is second to none!

This could be a once in a decade opportunity to drive what is arguably one of the best tracks in North America. We are extremely fortunate to be the only karting series invited back to this motorsports oasis. You don’t want to miss it!

So there it is! Our 4 race schedule for the 2021 Cup Karts North Division is complete. We’re hitting 4 different states, each different from last season. We know there are some tracks that many would have liked to see on our calendar this season, but we can’t hit them all. Don’t worry, we’ll shuffle the deck again in 2022!

We feel that staying with 4 races again in 2021 is the right choice for our racers. It will help people still getting back on there feet throughout the Corona Virus pandemic, as well as allow those who want to race other events the flexability in their schedules to do so without jepordizing their change at a CKNA Divisional title!

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