The Long Awaited Rain Tire Decision

We have received a lot of emails asking what the spec rain tire will be for the 2015 season at the Briggs and Stratton 206 Cup races. To be honest, we had not addressed the rain tires with anybody, including our tire partner VEGA USA.

We reached out to VEGA, asking them for guidance. Vega’s W5 rain tire is quite possibly the best rain tire on the market, and they truly believe anybody that has the circumstance to use them will love them. At the same time, they realize that our series is based around the idea of affordable racing, and some of our racers may not have the budget to buy new rain tires, especially if they already have a set that are still in good shape.

Vega has made an incredible concession for our racers. They have agreed to allow us to remain “Open Rain Tire” for the 2015 season. They are doing this with the sole intent to keep our racers racing, and hopefully prevent people from staying home or in the pits this season. We will be officially going to a spec Vega rain tire in 2016, but for now, run what ya brung!

Furthermore, Vega will allow our preferred tire vendor, ProKART Racing to establish a pre-season group buy on Vega W5 rain tires. This was agreed on because many of the racers that are coming into the 206 Cup series race at home tracks that do not race in the rain. Also, Vega wanted to offer all of our racers this opportunity to be prepared for the worst with the best rain tire on the market.

ProKART will be getting us the details on the Vega w5 early bird special as well as information on how to buy your FH Dry tires in the coming days.

Thank you to Vega tires for working with us on this, and seeing the potential of our series. Vega is truly behind what the Briggs and Stratton 206 Cup is all about!

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