The long awaited Road America Supps. and Schedule!

First off, our sincere apologies for the delay in getting these out to everybody. We have lots of excuses, but who would want to hear about them!

Road America Supps and Schedule

Please make sure you enter and exit through Gate 4, which is located off of County Road J. Overnight access is only available after you have purchased a wristband, and you will have to use gate 6 for that access. If you arriving before the gate opens, please park alongside the road leading to Gate 4 to wait.


There is one important note that has been added to these supplemental rules in regards to the minimum front track width of a kart equipped with a CIK nose. We are currently investigating the appropriate language and implementation of the rule we have in our book regarding this, and how we can tweak it to accomplish the intended result. While we are working on this, we will not be enforcing the rule, “Width may not extend past the outside edge of the front tires” in the section Bodywork/CIK/Nose Cone.

This is a temporary measure while we do our research and decide the best may to proceed. This temporary rule will remain in effect throughout the remainder of the Divisional season. A permanent adjustment to the rule will be announced and enforced before the Grand Nationals in New Castle.


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