Tire Rule Clarifications

It seems there has been some confusion brought to light lately regarding CKNA’s rules for Tires at the Divisional and National Level. Rather than quote passages from our rulebook, we’ll lay it out here!

Cup Karts South & North Divisions

Slick tires will be Vega VAH, and Rain Tires can be either Vega w5 or 56 compounds. No other tires will be permitted in any session throughout the entire weekend.

You do not need to qualify on new tires. Many of our racers choose to get multiple racedays out of the Vega tire because it performs well even after multiple heat cycles. IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

We only stipulate that the tires that are on for qualifying must also be used for all races that day. Since the North Division runs two days of racing that are scored separately, racers do have THE CHOICE to install a different set of tires for Sundays races. New or used it is the RACERS CHOICE!

CKNA tech officials will either mark tires or record serial numbers of tires to make sure this rule is enforced at all CKNA events.

The Spring Nationals

We are going to treat the Spring Nationals tires the same as any Divisional race. Racers will HAVE THE CHOICE to qualify on new or used tires. However, whichever set of tires are utilized in qualifying must be used for the remainder of the event. Even though the Spring Nationals is two days of racing, it is scored as a single event. This means that the tires used in Saturdays qualifying must be the same for all subsequent Heat races, LCQ’s and Features.

Again, THE CHOICE IS YOURS whether to run new or used tires at this event. We do recommend a new set of tires because of the longer races and potential for LCQ’s being added in to accommodate large fields.

Grand Nationals 5

All racers will be required to buy a set of tires with registration at the Grand Nationals. We made this decision years ago to ensure the most equal playing field possible. All tires for this race come from the same batch to ensure consistency.

After receiving some feedback from racers last year, we are considering two rule changes for tires at this years Grands:

    • Requiring everybody to qualify on new tires in each class
    • Only allowing rain tires purchased at the Grands to be used


We understand that these rule changes could raise the cost for racers, which is why we are taking our time making the decision. The balancing act of a level playing field and potential extra expenses is something we take very seriously. However, we agree that these two additional rules would eliminate some variables and potentially foster even closer racing, especially in mixed conditions.
We invite your feedback throughout the regular season to these ideas to help us make a decision that the majority of the racers are happy with.

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