Vega Tires Has Been Named The Spec Tire For the Briggs And Stratton 206 Cup

We are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Vega Tire USA to design a SPEC tire program that directly benefits our racers. Although we have been keeping this under our hats for a while, VEGA has agreed to pay a portion of every racers entry fees which is a big part of how we were able to keep the entry fees as low as we have.

The Spec tire for the series will be the Vega FH.

It was chosen for a variety of reasons:

  • It is a medium/hard compound that will work well on the variety of chassis styles we have in our series.
  • It is a natural rubber tire, and heat cycles extremely well with little to no fall off
  • Excellent longevity
  • Affordable pricing
  • Same tire as many of the Canadian 206 Series
  • As it is a new tire to the region, there is no advantage for anybody
  • Vega’s willingness to contribute by paying a portion of every racers entry fees, regardless of how many tiers are sold

As we all live in the great winter wonderland, tire testing this off season was difficult. Instead, we spoke to many other series and clubs that run the FH tire already. All of them agreed that one set would be capable of lasting our entire season! They also had nothing but great things to say about the tire’s longevity, driving characteristics and reliability.

We would like to thank the other tire companies that we talked to. Some of them made generous offers and had good ideas on how to grow our series. In the end, we are extremely excited to work with VEGA, as they understood what we were trying to build and are genuinely excited about the way we are doing it. The simple fact was VEGA is willing to structure our tire program in a way that directly benefits our racers, which made the decision an easy one.

The series itself will not be selling tires, although they will be available at the track. You can buy your tires from anybody you choose! We have been able to establish ProKART Racing as the “preferred vendor” for our series, and will have special pricing on the tires for 206 Cup participants only. ProKART will have tires available to ship soon, and will also sell them at each race:

  • 4.50 / 4.50 Set – MSRP = $187.00 – 206cup Special Price $175.00 via ProKART Racing
  • 4.50 / 6.00 Set – MSRP = $205.00 – 206cup Special price $190.00 via ProKART Racing

We truly believe our partnership with VEGA will be successful for everybody involved, including our racers! VEGA is one of the most well respected tire brands around the entire world, and we are excited to have them apart of our series.

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