CKNA and Vega extend their partnership

We’re pleased to announce that Cup Karts North America and Vega Tires have reached an agreement to extend the use of their tires exclusively at CKNA events through 2023!
“Vega is one of our major sponsors, but we have learned to look at them as partners in the series. They offer support far beyond writing us a check each year. They have helped us in many more aspects that you wouldn’t expect from a tire company.
We truly feel the VAH that we co-developed with Vega is the best tire CKNA could have asked for. First off, it flat-out performs. Even with the wide variety of chassis types we see at our events, the tires just work. We break lap-time records at nearly every track we visit!
It is also one of the most affordable tires on the market, and many of our racers get multiple weekends on a set. It all adds up to our racers go faster, saving money and helping to afford being at the race track to have fun!

We’re excited to continue our relationship with Vega, and offer stability to our racers for years to come” 

          —Greg Jasperson, CKNA Owner

Once again, the Vega VAH (red) tire will be the spec tire for all CKNA events. New for 2020, Vega has released the new w6 rain tire. Vega has always been known for having the best rain tire in the industry, and the w6 takes that proven performance to the next level!

CKNA will allow the use of either the w5 or w6 rain tire at all events in 2020, to give everybody a full year to use up and w5 tires they may still have in the trailer. In 2021, the w6 will be mandatory for all wet races.

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