You Asked, We Delivered! A New Format For The Remaining 206 Cup Season!

There are many formats that have been used for kart racing over the years. We initially choose the traditional “Moto” format, as we felt it best fit the type of racing we wanted to foster. We wanted our winners no only to be fast drivers, but also somebody capable of passing. And although we still feel the “Moto” format is the best suited for club style racing, this is not a club. It is a competitive karting series that club racers can afford. After bouncing ideas off of many other series organizers in karting as well as other forms of motorsport, we have designed our own racing format that we think provides the best fit to our series.

Download the New Scoring Format Here

Above is a link to download the race and scoring format. But in a nutshell:

  • All racers will participate in 2 heat races
  • Heat 1 is random draw starting order
  • Heat 2 is inverted starting order from heat 1
  • The feature race will be 50% longer!
  • Starting order based on accumulated points through heats
  • Feature race is worth DOUBLE POINTS!
  • Racers total points of heats and feature determines final position for the day.

As you will see in the file above, we have also laid out our plan in writing on how we will split classes in situations where the kart count exceeds the safe number of karts that can race on the track at one time. We have thoroughly explained how classes will be split, as well as the procedures for recombining the class for the feature or having to run LCQ races.

I’d like to thank all our competitors that shared their insights and opinions on the best way to restructure this via Facebook and email. Although we could not accommodate everybody’s ideas, I think this is a great format that will foster incredible racing!

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