Cup Karts Live!

Grand Nationals 3 will host the best four-cycle karting in North America. Drivers from all over North America will be joined together for a true test of drivers, equipment and crew.

Given the ultra competitive racing that the engine package, combined with the skill level of the drivers and the stage that Grand Nationals 3 provides, we know this will be some of the most entertaining races we have ever seen.

We wanted to find a way to bring this ultimate level of four-cycle racing to the masses, so we reached out to Indiana sports broadcasting experts ISC Sports Network and MTC Sports for help.

Introducing: Cup Karts Live!

Cup Karts Live

That’s right everybody, all of Sunday’s racing action at the Grand Nationals 3 will be streamed LIVE on Facebook, ISC Sports and! This is going to be a lot more than a shaky hand holding a cell phone in the infield… ISC and MTC are bringing in a full camera and production crew to shoot HD quality live video!

What’s more, we will have the absolute best play-by-play and color commentators in the business today. Our own Dave Macentyre will be joined by’s Rob Howden and David Cole. The three of them will take turns calling the races, interviewing drivers and much much more!


David Cole -
Dave Macentyre - CKNA
Rob Howden -

We’re extremely happy to be launching #CupKartsLive, to show the world how big four-cycle racing has become. We also hope the added exposure for our sponsors and the racers that make the races so great will get them the recognition they all deserve!

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