IONIC Edge No Bull Contingency Program!

IONIC Edge has become one of the biggest names in American 4-cycle chassis over the past few years. Their unique design and adjustability make them the leading choice of many CKNA racers. There hasn’t been an event without at least one IONIC Edge driver on the podium in a long long time.

Kyle Luttrell, owner of Luttrell Racing and manufacture of the IONIC Edge chassis is pumped for Grand Nationals 3. He doesn’t just want to win one class, he wants to win them all!

So he’s putting his money where his mouth is, and offering to pay out to any of his drivers that make it to the top step of the podium…

Meet the IONIC Edge NO BULL INCENTIVE program!

With so many top notch drivers in every class on IONIC Edge chassis, Kyle may very well be paying out at Grands. But that’s OK, he’s been quoted as saying nothing would make him happier than seeing his customers running up front and taking his money when the dust settles on October 6th!

There’s too many to list, but here are just a few of the front runners who will be wheeling an IONIC Edge at Grands:

Kevin Lanyi took the Junior class by storm in 2018 by sweeping the entire Champions Cup Season and leading nearly every lap at GN2 now sets his sights on the Senior Division, racing against 4-cycle karting royalty!

Elijah Skaggs and Will Holtz now lead the charge for IONIC Edge in the Junior category.

Elijah is coming of his recent win at the Florida Winter Tour and is set to continue his winning streak at GN3.

Will who finished 2nd in the Champions Cup series looks to better that performance by beating them all and taking the win on 4-cycle karting’s biggest stage.


Then there’s the crowd favorite, Audrina Rowe in the Kid Kart class. Audrina has been a force to be reckoned with every weekend throughout the Champions Cup season. She has won nearly every race and took the Points Championship in just her first season in the series.

Audrina helps us all remember what this sport is truly all about, having fun! You;d be hard pressed not to find a big smile on this little girl at any time throughout a weekend.

But don’t let this line up of young karting stars fool you. IONIC Edge has drivers in every class from Kid Kart to Masters capable of bringing the National Championships back to team IONIC Edge. No matter what class you are racing at GN3, you will have a few IONIC Edges to deal with!

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