Margay Racing makes it’s CKNA debut at GN3!

Margay Racing is one of the oldest names in four-cycle karting.For over 50 years, they have been building championship winning chassis in nearly every karting category. They have a rich history with nearly every karting organization that has existed, and GN3 marks their team’s official debut with Cup Karts North America!


Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve had Margay karts in the field. Margay has had customers racing in CKNA events since day one. They have scored numerous wins over the past 6 years at CKNA Champions Cup events. They have now set their sights on the Grand Nationals to compete against the best four-cycle racers in North America.

“With the growth of the series and the amount of competition involved, it was something that we could not miss out on”, exclaimed Margay Racing owner Keith Freber. “It’s currently the largest platform for Briggs 206 competition, which is by
and far the most popular class in North American karting”.

–You can read the entire press release from Margay Racing–

2019 Margay Grand Nationals 3 Announcement


With so many champions racing Margay’s throughout the country, who knows who else they may bring. Margay wants to put it’s stamp on Grand Nationals 3, and add this event to their impressive list of victories!

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