MGM Chassis is coming in full force to GN3

MGM joined CKNA as a sponsor in 2018, and has quickly become one of the most successful chassis in the series. With entries in nearly every class each weekend throughout the Champions Cup season, MGM has racked up numerous wins and podiums along the way!

2019’s Grand Nationals has been marked on  founder Paul Rice’s calendar all year long. Along with his wife and team leader April Rice and talent like Zach Linsell and Jason Birdsel; they are coming to Newcastle with one thing on their mind, a Grand National Championship!

No matter what class you are racing in at Grand Nationals, you’re most likely going to have to beat at least one MGM chassis. MGM already has 25 drivers competing in October at the event and more may tag along as well!

There’s even a few rumors floating round that a Paul himself may dawn the helmet to lead try and lead his team to vctory!


MGM is a great fit for CKNA, because they specialize in 4-cycle racing. They may not be as big of a company as some of the other chassis manufactures out there, but what that allows them to do is know each and every one of their customers and provide them the support they need.

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