Tech reminders for GN3

There’s a LOT of racers converging on New Castle Motorsports Park for Grand Nationals 3. Many of them, will be attending their first CKNA race ever! We wanted to take some time and reach out to everybody and remind them of some technical items, just in case they are different or enforced differently than they are at their home tracks.


First and Most Important…


Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for not following them. It is every racers responsibility to know and understand the rules we will be competing by. Thankfully, our rulebook is available for free right here on

The most recent version is available now!

Pre-tech is Mandatory!

All drivers must report to pre-tech with their helmet, kart and completed pre-tech form. Any driver caught on track without a pre-tech band on their chassis after qualifying has begun will be excluded from competition until they have passed inspection. Furthermore, these drivers will miss their next scheduled round of competition.


All parts are subject to inspection!

At any time throughout the weekend of competition, tech inspectors have the right to inspect any part of any kart at any time. This means that just because you didn’t place in the top 2 or 3 of a heat are you excluded from technical inspection.

Our tech inspectors have full authority to go as in depth as they feel is needed and/or justified. This includes cutting the seals on a short-block to inspect items that are not externally accessible.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that everybody is paying on a level playing field at Grands!

OEM Engine hardware only!

Some racers and kart shops have begun swapping out misc. hardware on the engines in favor of aftermarket parts. This in NOT PERMITTED!

ONLY OEM HARDWARE/FASTNERS may be used on the engine. This includes Intake Manifold, Carburetor, Fan Cover, drain plugs and fill plugs. The only exception will be for a pulse fitting in the front upper fill plug location.

Kart Numbers must be legible!

We have been making a big fuss about kart numbers all year long. It is incredibly hard on corner marshals and timing staff to read kart numbers at speed when they are not clearly printed on the kart.

CKNA reserves the right to require ANY competitor to replace the numbers on their kart with numbers that can be read by officials. We would prefer that all numbers be Black on either a white or yellow background. But rather force everybody to buy new numbers for the event as we had initially threatened to do, we will leave this up to you, the racer.

Please understand, if your numbers are not readable in OUR OPINION, you will be asked to change them.

CIK Masters Seat Rules:

Please remember that the grace period on non “CIK Style” seats in the masters class has expired. All competitors in the Masters class are now required to have a seat compliant with our CIK seat rules.


Other important notes:

  • ·        Please measure the amount your sidepods protrude from your chassis in relation to the rear tires. Regardless of bodywork style, tires may be no more than 1.5” beyond the outermost point of the side pod/panel and can be no more than 1.3125” inside the outermost point of the pod/panel.
  • Wheel widths are taken from the outside of the wheel as raced. The advertised width of the wheel is irrelevant.
  • No additional elements may be attached to any CIK body part unless it is specifically designed for that particular body part and supplied by its manufacture. (Securely mounted cameras are permitted)
  • Both engines with holographic seals and the new SMART seal are legal for competition
  • A spec oil is not specified; however, no oil additives may be used.
  • Oil is subject to testing for additives by oil sniffer or flame test. Oil may not carry a flame before, during or after a race.
  • Remove and completely empty your karts fuel tank before refilling. Siphoning or disconnecting a fuel line may leave fuel in the tank, which has caused fuel DQ’s in the past including the 2017 Grands.
  •  Neck collars are required by ALL drivers in ALL classes.
  • All karts must have a brake tether present.

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