Vega offers HUGE discount on rain tires for Grand Nationals II participants

With the Grand Nationals just a few weeks away, we get a lot of phone calls and emails with racers asking questions about the race. Some of the most common questions are about rain:


“What if it rains?”
Simply put, we’re gonna race! As our rule book states, we may try to wait out the weather if it looks like a one off sprinkle. However with an event like the Grand Nationals, the show must go on. Racing karts in the rain is one of the joys of sprint racing, and is a skill that we believe every driver should develop for their racing career.


“I already own VEGA rains, can I use them at the Grands?”
Of course! Although the rules for the Grand Nationals state that dry tires must be purchased at the track, this rule does not apply to rain tires. If you already own a set of Vega W5 tires, you are good to go!


“Will there be rain tires available at the track?”
Yes, but not enough. There is no way VEGA can ship in enough rain tires to supply the number of entries we, just in case there is inclement weather. Our friends at VEGA typically carry a few cases of rain tires everywhere they go, but given the number of tires they are bringing to the track, space in their trailers will be extremely limited.


Your best option is to plan ahead, and VEGA has made a great offer for all of our racers. From now until September 26th, you can head over to the TS Racing website and order yourself a set of VEGA w5 tires for only $185! (A savings of over $35) These tires will be shipped directly to your home, and you will be set for whatever mother nature has to throw at you!

Here is the link: CKNA Rain Tire Deal.  While you are there, make sure to check out the rest of their page including the specials section that always has some great steals!


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