Fulks, Burgess and Fry join CKNA

CKNA has always been blessed with a small but dedicated group of individuals to put on events each season. We have some of the best staff in the country and we can never thank them enough for all the hours they put in for our racers. But when it came time to plan the Grand Nationals, we all agreed that bringing in extra help would be a great benefit to the crew and the racers.

So who do you call when you are hosting a national level karting event? Rick Fulks, that’s who!

Rick has become the go to guy for the biggest karting events. Formerly the Race Director for USPKS, Rick has most recently officiated the Rock Island Grand Prix, Quincy in the Park, the Elkhart Grand Prix and the Battle at the Brickyard. Rick is one of the most respected officials in karting today, and we’re privileged to have him on board. We didn’t stop there though. Thanks to Rick’s help, we have also been able to bring on Jim Fry and the infamous Jason Burgess to the Grand Nationals team as well!

Adding this group to our already strong CKNA race crew, we feel we have the most talented group of officials possible for the Grands. The additions will allow us to quickly make decisions on race day, keep on schedule and most importantly; ensure the fairest competition possible.

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