MGM is locked and loaded for GNII

When it comes to Grand Nationals II, MGM is not messing around. MGM has confirmed they will have at least 18 chassis competing at New Castle Motorsports Park!

Not only has MGM has dominated the four cycle scene in the south east, they have been quietly picking up wins in the Champions Cup as well. Many of these are series regulars. Conor Lund has won numerous Champions Cup events as well as Series Championships in our program. Don’t let those blue jeans and calm demeanor fool you, he is a force to be reckoned with on the track recording multiple wins at national level events over his career.

Emily DeMaster is a spitfire. She is always up front in the Junior class, and is one of the best ambassadors for the sport of karting we have met in years. Ethan Dietrich is a fast rising star in 4-cycle karting. Finishing runner up in the Sr. Medium class this season, last year’s Junior Points Champion is making quick work of adapting to the level of competition the Senior level offers. Steven Kilsdonk has taken home top honors in our divisional series, and are always top competitors at any national event they attend. This three time Gold Cup Champion returned to karting a few years ago right where he left off.


To bolster their odds, MGM is also bringing in some of their best drivers from all around the country.  Included is lead driver Zach Linsel will lead the charge for MGM. Linsel has won just about every race there is to win in four cycle karting, including 8 WKA national championships. He is the man to beat at GoPro Motorsports as well, working on a streak of 7 consecutive wins. He will be joined by Junior teammate Alexander Searle who is this years national lap record holder at K1 this season. Also joining for the MGM team for the second time this year will be Jordan Bernloehr, who has won multiple CKNA titles and was a 2017 Rock Island Grand Prix Champion.

With so many MGM karts racing, it’s a wonder how they keep track of everything and click off so many wins. Well MGM has a secret weapon, and her name is April Rice. April is team owner Paul’s wife, and with out a doubt is what keeps the MGM train on the tracks. From chassis changes to driver coaching, Arpil is as well versed in the sport of karting as any tuner out there.

With so many champions racing for MGM, they will undoubtedly battling for multiple wins throughout the Grand Nationals. Paul, April and team have one goal in mind; win the Grand Nationals!

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