Branding Speed is giving away free entry to GN6!

Cup Karts North America is proud to announce that Branding Speed, the new book by Fritz Wilke about how to brand and market your club racing team, will be sponsoring Grand Nationals 5 at New Castle Motorsports Park!  Branding Speed is the #1 New Release in Motorsports on Amazon!

Order Branding Speed on Amazon and bring it with you to Grand Nationals 5 and Fritz will sign it for free!  

In addition, each book Fritz signs at Grand Nationals 5 will have the owner’s name entered into a drawing to win a free entry to next year’s Grand Nationals 6! 

Go see Fritz Wilke under the Noah Stark Engine Works tent, get your book signed and get entered to win!

Here’s the link:

More about Branding Speed: How to Market Your Club Racing Team and Create the Image You Want:

Whether you compete in karting, road racing, circle track, endurance, drag racing, off-road racing, motocross, or any other form of amateur motorsport, this book will help take you and your grassroots team to the next level!

Ever wonder how the professional racing teams do it? How they create “The Look”? How they build their brands into powerful marketing tools to attract sponsors and promote drivers?

In this book, you’ll learn how you can use branding to give your racing team “The Look” and elevate your team to the next level, all while keeping within a grassroots-sized budget.

Follow along as Fritz Wilke, former Fortune 500 marketer and long-time front-runner in the Sports Car Club of America’s top amateur road racing series, tells stories of marketing success and disaster from a club racer’s perspective. Use his practical, real-world tips to build your brand and achieve your goals.

You’ll learn how to turn your grassroots motorsports team into a brand of its own and create the branded image sponsors want. You’ll also discover how to open the right doors and build long-term sponsor partnerships.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Build your grassroots team into a brand
  • Define your brand purpose
  • Build your brand character
  • Define your brand goals
  • Find your brand voice
  • Embrace your brand personality
  • Build brand consistency
  • Create your team name, logo, and colors
  • Brand your race car and driver
  • Brand your paddock space
  • Build a branded store
  • Generate social media content
  • Find and grow sponsor partnerships
  • Turn product partnerships into paid partnerships

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