GN5 Supplemental rules and schedule

We've already blown past the 300 entry mark!

We’re less than 2 weeks away from the start of the biggest 4-cycle race of 2021, and we know you have all been itching for the schedule and supplemental rules. WAIT NO MORE…

Although we encourage all of you to read through the supps completely, here are the highlights:

  • Our format has been finalized! Based on the feedback we got from our racers, GN5 will feature a 2-Heat format this year. And even though we have added a class and what looks to be a lot more racers, we will still be close to the same total amount of track time for competitors as 2020! We will finalize the race length closer to the event, but this years Grand Nationals will feature:
    • Friday: 3 warm up sessions and Qualifying
    • Saturday: One warm up and 2 rounds of Heat races
    • Sunday: Warm up round, LCQ’s and Features


  • Clarifications have been included to hopefully stifle any drama regarding rear bumpers or fuel lines. We recommend you read these clarifications and heed the warnings regarding these topics at Grands.


  • Black kart numbers with Yellow or White backgrounds will be required!


  • A reminder of CKNA’s methods for inspecting “CIK” bodywork

Finally, the last page includes the Schedule Outline for Grand Nationals 5. At this time, we have 4 classes that are tantalizingly close to being split into multiple flights, so we will not be releasing a detailed schedule until closer to the event. But for those of you needing more details to finalize your travel schedules, we hope this answers the majority of your questions!

Monday, 9/20 is your last day to register without late fees!!!

The fact that we are already well past the 300 mark is incredible. Since we all know that so many of our racers like to wait until the last minute, nobody really knows how big this could still get!

We are humbled that so many kart racers are making the commitment to our event, and we look forward to seeing you all at New Castle in just a few short days!

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