Grand Nationals 7

Please read the Grand Nationals FAQ, it should answer 99% of your questions!
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Registration open to the public 8/23/2023

CKNA’s Grand National is the largest race in 4-cycle karting today. Last year, over 400 competitors competed in just 8 categories. With the addition of the North East Division and growth CKNA had throughout the 2023 season, the skies the limit for this years edition of the race!

We intend to stick with the same basic format we have ran the past few year, which is outlined below. As always, we are trying to cram as much racing into the weekend as possible, which means we may have to adjust this plan to accommodate any unexpected class sizes or other variables. Once a detailed timeline is published, we will explain any changed that needed to be made.

On offer will be at least $20,000 in awards and prizes, awarded based on finishing positions as well as door prizes throughout the entire weekend.

Hosting once again is New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana. This world class facility has the size and staff to handle an event of this magnitude and is widely considered to be one of the best racing surfaces in North America! We are privileged to have such a perfect home for this event.

With 9 scheduled classes this year and an incredible amount of anticipation surrounding the event, there is a chance we will have to impose class limits as the event draws closer. To make sure you aren’t caught out, PLEASE REGISTER ASAP!

Grand Nationals 7 Format

The exact format is being finalized in the coming weeks… here is a general overview:
  • Thursday will be an optional practice day that competitors can choose whether or not to participate in.
  • Friday starts with 1 warmup session that also serves as a “Happy Hour” to establish a grid order for Qualifying. We continue Friday with qualifying and the first complete round of Heat races.
  • Saturday  starts again with a quick warmup, followed by Rounds 2 and 3 of the heat races.
  • Sunday will start with any Last Chance Qualifiers that are required due to class sizes, and the all important Feature races.

Sadly, not all drivers may make it to their feature race. We plan to limit the number of competitors in each class based on age group. The cutoffs will be announced at the drivers meeting Saturday morning.

The final is WINNER TAKE ALL for the title of Grand National Champion!

Grand Nationals 7 Class Structure

  • Kid Karts, 5-8 years old (200lbs Kid Kart Chassis / 215lbs Cadet Chassis)
  • Cadet, 8-10 years old (245lbs, Red slide)
  • Sportsman, 10-13 years old (275lbs, Green Slide)
  • Junior, 12-15 years old (320lbs, Yellow Slide)
  • Senior Light, 15+ years old (340lbs)
  • Senior Medium, 15+ years old (365lbs)
  • Senior Heavy, 15+ years old (390lbs)
  • Masters, 35+ years old (390lbs)
  • Legends, 50+ years old (375lbs)

Grand Nationals 7 Fees

  • Pre-entry: $335 (Friday – Sunday)
  • Additional Class: $295 (adult classes ONLY!)
  • Late fee: $80 (registrations between 9/19 – 9-26)
  • Walk up entry: $495 (registrations after 9-26, only available at the track)
  • Thursday Practice : $60 (This is optionable)
  • Weekend Pit pass: $40
  • Daily Visitor Pass: $15
    • (Everybody on the property at NCMP will be required to have a pit pass. Pit Passes are not included with entry, and must be purchased at the track when you arrive.)
  • Reserved Pit Spaces: Starting at $75 (Contact NCMP)
  • Fuel: 87oct sold by NCMP
  • Transponder Rental: $50 for weekend

Every pre-registered driver will receive a complimentary GN7 t-shirt when they check in. Please make sure to select the correct size when registering. One t-shrt per racer regardless of number of classes.

All competitors will be required to buy a set of Spec. Vega VAH tires at registration. These will be the tires required for all scored sessions for the weekend

Spec rain tire is Vega w6. Competitors are not required to buy a set with registration, but must present their train tires for scanning before qualifying commences. Competitors not presenting wet tires will be scored as a “Did Not Start” if the Race Director calls for  mandatory rain conditions.

A limited number of rain tires will be available for sale at the track, but they will be notably cheaper when pre-ordered while registering.a

Sr Heavy:

Sr Heavy:

Sr Heavy: