We addded more space!!!

As of 5/12/2021, most of the pit spots are spoken for. Since we wanted to make sure that we have room for everybody, we have been able to secure space on the lot just left (south) of the motorhome spots on this map. Yes, it is across St. Charles way, but it is a road that is barely used and should pose no problems. Parking in this overflow lot will be free of charge!

For some reason, we have lost the ability to update this map, so please make sure to contact WRP at the email below for updates!

All sizes are approximate:

  • Yellow = 24×48
  • Red = 24×72
  • Blue = 24×36
  • Green = 18×24


To book a pit spot, please email austin.fairfield@racewrp.com . We will update this image as often as possible. We suggest you give first and second choices in your email, as we anticipate multiple reservations coming in all at once. Priority for pit requests will be based soley on the date/time the email was sent.